Conversation Feedbacks


Providing feedbacks is essential to be sure that Humans really understand what’s going on when talking with Pepper.

A bar, called SpeechBar, is displayed on the top of the tablet (70dp high). It helps to understand if the robot is listening, hearing something and what has been understood.

Listening States


When Pepper is listening, his:

  • SpeechBar is blue,
  • shoulders are also blue.

When Pepper is not listening, his:

  • SpeechBar is grey,
  • shoulders are off.

Additional tips

Hearing Human Voice


Not Understood




The SpeechBar displays the understood text.

Customizing SpeechBar display

In order to adapt to many interfaces, RobotActivity provides multiple SpeechBar display strategies. The default DisplayStrategy is ALWAYS.

The allowed strategies are stored in the SpeechBarDisplayStrategy enum.

public enum SpeechBarDisplayStrategy {
    * Strategy that always displays the SpeechBar

    * Strategy that only displays the SpeechBar when running a Conversation action
    * The bar will automatically appear and disappear overlapping the content in a way similar to notifications
  • ALWAYS: the bar is always shown.
  • OVERLAY: the bar appears each time the robot starts listening. The bar disappears when the robot is not listening for more than 8 seconds.

To select another displayStrategy you may use the method setSpeechBarDisplayStrategy.

public class SpeechBarActivity extends RobotActivity implements RobotLifecycleCallbacks {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        QiSDK.register(this, this);

SpeechBar Specifications

When Pepper starts listening, the SpeechBar color is switching to #00d7ff.

When not listening, Pepper’s SpeechBar returns to #706565.

The SpeechBar’s height is 70dp.

This may change without notice.