Managing Autonomous abilities

Your robot is alive!

Your SoftBank Robotics robot is alive and autonomous! Moment by moment, he is aware and taking part in the world.

He will naturally do things by himself (such as finding and tracking people & interesting sounds, resetting his body positions, and more) without the need for you to implement or manage every aspect of his life.

Developing quality applications for a living robot must take the robot’s life into consideration.

Autonomous abilities

Pepper has some autonomous behaviors called autonomous abilities. These behaviors are composed of movements, animations and eye tracking. Their aim is to make Pepper look more alive.

For further details, see: Autonomous Abilities.

Controlling Autonomous abilities

In some cases, you may want to disable these abilities. This is the case if you want Pepper to perform an animation and then stay perfectly still.

For further details, see: Hold/release autonomous abilities tutorial.