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Stuck with old Choregraphe’s timeline animations?

To import them into Animation Editor:

Step Action
Choose File > Import animation from XAR….

Select a XAR file.

The former XAR file is converted to .qianim files, compatible with qiSDK.

Opening several files

Colorful visual cues help you distinguish the files you are editing.


Managing views

Controlling the timeline views

At the top right of each view of the timeline, a toolbar appears.


It allows you to:

  • Select a view type among: Dopesheet, Curves or Labels.
  • Split the view in two.
  • Detach the current view in a standalone window.
  • Close the view.

Timeline - Zooming & scrolling

To display the whole animation, use the Show all curves button of the Curves view.


To zoom in or out, use:

  • the global Zoom slider on the right bottom of the view, or
  • the mouse wheel.

You can also use:

  • the horizontal and vertical scrollbars,
  • the zoom handles when available on the scrollbars.
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel to scroll horizontally.
  • Shift + mouse wheel to scroll vertically in the Curves view.

Inspector - Displaying & locking

To display the properties of a key or a label, using the Inspector:

Step Action
Select a key or a label.

Click the inspector_btn button.

The Inspector displays the properties of selected the key or label.


It disappears as soon as you click elsewhere, unless you lock it.

To lock the display of the Inspector, click again the inspector_btn button.

It becomes inspector_locked_btn and the Inspector remains visible.


Displaying shortcuts

To display the list of shortcuts:

Step Action

Choose Help > Shortcuts list.

Expand/collapse the categories to see the commands and their shortcuts.

Customizing shortcuts

To create a new shortcut or modify an existing one:

Step Action
Choose Help > Shortcuts list.
Select a command.

In the Edit shortcut field, type a shortcut.

You can use a simple key, a function key or a combination with Shift, Ctrl or Alt.


  • L
  • Ctrl+L
  • Shift+L
  • Alt+L
  • F5

Press Enter to validate.

The shortcut appears on the list.

The Reset default buttons reset the shortcut of the selected command.

Setting the global speed of an animation

The standard speed execution is 24 FPS (Frames Per Second.

To modify the global speed of execution of an animation, modify the value of the FPS property:

Step Action
Click the Properties button.  


  • a smaller value to speed up, or
  • a bigger value to slow down the animation.