• Make sure Animation Editor is not connected to a real robot:

How do I know?

  • The Connect button should be connect, not connect_on.

    If not, click the Connect button.

Playing animation

When not connected to a real robot, use the Robot 3D view to preview the animation.

Step Action

Choose Robot > Play animation or click the Play button on the Robot toolbar.

You can see the defined motion played on the Robot 3D view.

Meanwhile, an orange line run over the frame currently played.


While the animation is played, Pause/Resume and Stop command are available on Robot menu and toolbar.


Browsing Frame by Frame

Select a Frame: the Robot 3D view displays the posture accordingly.

To browse Frame by Frame or Key by Key, use the commands available in the Edit menu.


Playing a sequence

To play a part of an animation, move the Start and End frame.

The Start and End flag can be dragged on the Time axis or set thanks to the contextual menu.


Muting Actuators

Use the mute Mute button to to disable the keys related to one Actuator or group of Actuators.

Let’s test

Step Action

Import gorilla_a001.qianim.

  • Choose File > New > Import animation…
  • Select Action > Animals > gorilla_a001.

Use the mute Mute button to mute the left arm.

The related keys and curves are greyed.

Choose Robot > Play animation.

On the Robot 3D view, the animation is played with all actuators except the left arm.